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PROTIP: Some companies will not allow you to send too much to one place at any given time. Also, don't send food first thing in the morning, as that is too suspicious.PROTIP: If there are several fast food companies near your target, have each bring a few pizzas.

He will eventually stop answering the phone, or even disconnect it... There is always the mail to keep your target informed about your latest plot about how you are going to climb on his roof and shit down the chimney.Organization is really not needed, but reporting what you are doing helps spur along the mob of angry nerds. This particular individual was subjected to various attacks to the point of being chased off the internet forever. Unwanted salesmen, pizza orders, Mormon visits, etc.Huge deliveries of Bibles, Korans, Tampons and other free shit were delivered at the target's household." as was the case with Witness X, whose mom thought it was poisoned and called the cops, for epic win. Potentially the lulziest method, also the easiest for all you lazy fgts out there. This lets you set up a party for hippie liberals to show up at a target's house. A lot of websites and newsletters now make you confirm your address before sending thousands upon thousands of emails.So if your victim is in control of the email still, to start receiving the junk you send to him he'll probably have to confirm it.

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