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She sat for a while pleased with herself, when suddenly there was the sound of the door opening. As she walked down stairs to greet her daughter she found Emily taking her coat off with a large, wet patch on her jeans. "They weren't with me on the bus ride home" came the answer. "Four days" her mother menacingly called to her "that's all you have, four days to stop being stubborn" Once again Emily completely ignored her simply saying "Mum, what's for dinner?

" Her mother would normally be enraged at this but now she had enough reason not to.

Den nya chatten har man alltid tillgnglig i nedre hgra hrnet, det behvs inte lngre ngot srskilt handgrepp fr att vara med. 2018 r snart hr, lt oss gra det till det bsta hittills! Joina chatten vid 19- fram till 22-tiden (det gr du genom att helt enkelt klicka p lnken "Chat" som du ser lngst ner till hger p skrmen, eller p de tv glada gula smileysarna i huvudmenyn).

It says the delivery will be made in 4 days and anything else I can get at the shops, so she has four days to get her act together otherwise... " she inquired, hoping that it had embarrassed her enough to get a reaction.She never seemed to mind at all that her crotch was very often soaked, and she cared even less that her mother was constantly washing clothes, furniture and carpets. For Emily it wasn't out of her control it was all just a matter of choice. " This did make Emily listen, who looked at the clock before jumping off the wet sofa and dashed upstairs.And it was driving her mother mad, who had been cleaning up after her for some time. That made her give a damn didn't it, her mum thought angrily. "Out." Came the reply with relatively little sincerity. " "Later." And with this Emily grabbed her coat and left the house, leaving the door open as she went. " her mother yelled to herself "I know there's nothing wrong with her she's just being lazy!Ju mer aktivitet och gldje man sprider, ju gladare blir symbolerna. Vilka statusmeddelanden, bilder och noveller pratas det om just nu? Du har mjlighet att vara med p utflykter eller bara ge utlopp fr dina ABDL-sidor bland likasinnade.Nu kan du se ett hndelseflde fr hela sajten, inte bara fr din vnkrets! Ls mer i eventet i kalendariet: Hyttetur i Danmark.

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