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Soon the therapy began to focus only on my adult child issues and we did no work with my son.

As I described my childhood, my therapist would say things like "being a adult child is like growing up in a concentration camp." I will agree that my home was quite dysfunctional because in fact my dad was an active alcoholic throughout my childhood.

'We couldn't get the stuff out fast enough,' the maid recalled.

The maid heard a colleague mutter: 'This guy is nuts, isn't he?

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'I have all this, yet I have nothing.' But as time went by he began to have second thoughts. From their very first date, at a dinner party staged by a mutual friend, Michael and Lisa hit it off. 'The first time, she went to turn on the lights afterwards, and he leapt out of bed and ran into the bathroom so she wouldn't see his body.I entered a rehab and got sober and have never had a drink since.My therapist, however, kept me involved in digging up my past. He kept asking me if I had any memories of being sexually abused and I kept saying no.From my conversations with both Michael and Lisa, I am convinced this marriage was not a sham. But in every other area of his life, instead of growing up he seemed to be regressing: buying toys, playing childlike games and, for the first time, surrounding himself with children. Michael's manager, Frank Dileo, expressed concern after Michael gave a 0,000 Rolls-Royce to the parents of another friend, ten-year-old Jimmy Safechuck. Hurt, the singer told him to mind his own business.And, according to Lisa herself, Jackson was a wonderful lover. The world's biggest-selling pop star, clad in black turban and veil, stood by the road feeling powerless and utterly alone.

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