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Longtime readers of this site will be aware that we at The Bits have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to our space program.Perhaps we all secretly wanted to be astronauts when we were growing up.Like many great films, Philip Kaufman’s The Right Stuff failed to make much impression on audiences during its original release.Chat is the perfect for place for chatting after school, on a break from studying or just life.This Mactan island web cam in the Philippines allows online visitors to view one of the Philippines leading tropical paradises for premier holidays in south east Asia from the comfort of their computer.Enjoy a real time holiday to the tropical island of Macatan.

In December 2007, Summit Entertainment cast Gigandet in the planned film adaptation of the best selling vampire book series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.First of all, it was a movie without any recognizable, bankable stars.Watching it today, The Right Stuff is like an audition reel of America’s most dependable actors.I know I did, at least until I realized that a C average in math wasn’t exactly going to impress anybody at NASA.There is real camaraderie between these men but there is also tension and rivalry.

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