Radiocarbon dating marine sediments

In reality the comparison is made with the Global Strandard Strontium Curve using a “look up” table.

As glacial geologists, some of the biggest questions that we’d like to answer are not only how large former ice sheets were, but also how fast did the recede and how quickly did they thin?

It assumes that boulders have not been buried and then re-exposed at the Earth’s surface.

Radiocarbon dating dates the decay of Carbon-14 within organic matter.

Optically Stimulated Luminescence dates the radiation accumulated in quartz or feldspar grains within sand.

The radiation emanates from radioactive grains within the sediment, such as zircons.

molluscs, foraminifera, conodonts, fish teeth and calcareous algae) throughout the Phanerozoic.

It is also possible to use whole rock samples (carbonates, dolomitised carbonates and evaporites) for analysis providing any diagenesis was early.

This is matched by world class analysis at one of a number of laboratories.Most methods rely on indirect methods of dating subglacial tills, such as dating organic remains above and below glacial sediments.Many methods are only useful for a limited period of time (for radiocarbon, for example, 40,000 years is the maximum age possible).Closeness to a major river system is one such environment where one would expect Sr ratios to vary from the coeval oceanic values.Data from individual samples are compared to the Howarth and Mc Arthur database.

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