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Like symbols on a map, these posts offer our readers touchstones with which to construct their own tours both through and around the art center’s program.

In addition to these texts, editorial cartoons punctuate this section so as to stoke the mind through other means.

Our call for such an exchange comes at a time in which policies of economic austerity are pressuring the very resources (magazines, universities, public institutions, and so forth) that could propose alternatives to the threat of social and intellectual bottlenecking.

To loosen these restrictions, Wd W Review intends to establish itself as a premier forum of intelligent and multi-disciplinary discussion on the humanities, and their role at-large, so as to find not a new, but a greater politics. ——Chief Editors Defne Ayas, Adam Kleinman —Managing Editor Orit Gat (for any queries contact: oritgat[at]gmail) —Desk Editors Natalia Antonova (Moscow) James Bridle (Athens) Ben Eastham (London) Natasha Marie Llorens (Marseille) Gabriela Jauregui (Mexico City) Ruchir Joshi (Delhi/Calcutta) Ana Texeira Pinto (Berlin) —Emeritus Yasmine el Rashidi (Cairo) Adam Bobbette (Nusantara) Binnaz Saktanber (Istanbul) Yanis Varoufakis, with (Athens) Tirdad Zolghadr (Jerusalem) —Image Editor Pedro Neves Marques —Copy Editor Marnie Slater —Design Remco van Bladel —Design Assistant Andrea Spikker —Programming De Heren van Design Ritchy Höhne, Michael Höhne —Publisher Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam, the Netherlands —Support Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie —Current cover image Bas Princen ‘ Here, Wd W Review charges invited participants with a given motion or proposal to be deliberated, over time, in public.

Outside the house, they enjoyed traveling with friends, taking trips to Las Vegas, bowling, and playing bingo!

After living in Glasgow for 40 years, Marie and Arvid moved to Kennesaw, Georgia in 1996 where she became actively involved with her grandsons.

Taking many forms, from roundtable dialogues to discretely penned responses, these collected replies seek to not only unite or divide actors in our home area, but to also amplify discussion between them, and with the world at large.

Debate consultant: Liesbeth Levy This section acts as the nexus for several international correspondents to question how their respective cultural fields have taken, and are taking, shape. What are the socio-political environments and histories within these fields?

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The cities themselves—organized here as local editorial desks in the fashion of a newspaper—have been chosen due to two complementary factors: while the older locales may uncover how ancient stories and ways of living together are adapted to our current climate, many of the younger points offer innovative techniques that have lead to their growing economic and geo-political strength.As a mother, Marie kept busy helping at her daughter’s school and attending the school performances of her daughter and many nieces and nephews.She and Arvid always had a pot of coffee on and enjoyed hosting their friends and happy hours.Building on its long history of framing and instigating debate, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art presents Wd W Review, an online platform aimed at informing our ever-expanding spheres of action in an age of constant reformations be they aesthetic, geographic, economic, communal, ecological, and even spiritual.This project seeks to foster a new collegium of knowledge partners in a purpose-built infrastructure so as to address how the world is shaped today as a consequence, or in spite of national, international, and other group ideologies.

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