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Even so, Jasper gets a cellphone picture of the next photo before giving it to Ivan's goon, Marcus.This photo shows a hastily made skull and crossbones on the canvas, which Jasper believes is a warning to themselves.

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Marcus sees their meeting and calls Ivan, who does not believe their story about Big Joe just dropping off his keys. Heidecker, who levels a gun at Finn and Jasper and forces them to reveal events. B had mailed Heidecker a photo that covers the next night, but taken before his death, meaning that the machine could be set to take photos more than 24 hours in advance. B's hat on the friends' couch (Jasper has taken to wearing the dead man's hat), and a picture of a green coil that resembles the broken device on the ground next to Mr. As she does not know how to adjust the settings of the machine, Jasper shoots Heidecker dead using Ivan's gun.Ivan threatens all of them, but Jasper convinces him that tonight's new photo is of Ivan's death. Finn and Callie fight, so Finn sleeps on the couch. The next night's photo shows Callie and Jasper having sex in the window.While Ivan is retrieving the photo, Jasper stabs Marcus, then clubs Ivan to death on his return. Finn talks to Jasper, trying to figure out a way to prevent events, but Jasper knocks him out and locks him in Mr.Callie reveals that she has been using the morning photo to send herself messages to manipulate events and rekindle her relationship with Finn; the sex photo is one of those missing from Mr. Finn rejects Callie and goes to destroy the machine, so she shoots him, creating the blood splatter on the window from Heidecker's photo.While Callie is attempting to send herself another message to change the timeline, Big Joe stops by, discovers the murdered Jasper and Finn, and arrests her.

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