Your license needs updating

As a local administrator it may also be necessary to disable the anti-virus software.

Start the Solid Network License manager and on the administration tab select the “Modify” button.

A huge improvement from the fuji silky pics which is a god awful program.

The older Lightroom trial was SOO nice but these ongoing Adobe licensing and feature headaches prevent me from even getting Lightroom or PSE.

Then from the options presented select the “Transfer a software license” option and then click “Next”.

The information in this post has been put together to make the process as smooth as possible.

In a way, I did ask Adobe, by trawling their website.

I don't need another reply, equally untrustworthy, from the customer service people whose unenviable job it is to get us lowly Elements users up to speed.

You will then see a message telling you it is transferring your serial numbers and you should wait.

Once done select “Finish” which will exit this dialog.

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